Mauler Bolt Pistol

"Mauler" Bolt Pistol.

singular weapon to say the least, the Mauler is a finely made bolt pistol designed for normal human hands (unlike the far larger, heavier calibre models intended for use by the legendary Space Marines). Extremely sophisticated in design and made by necessity from the finest alloys and
components, each Mauler is handmade and forged by the servitor-savants of the Cinder Crag. Each weapon is uniquely tailored to the commissioner’s exact biometric data. The result is a weapon as implacably lethal as it is as perfect an artefact.

Mauler pistols made by commission cost twice the listed price
and count as Best quality weapons when used by the hand they
were crafted for (see Chapter V: Armoury of Dark Heresy).

"Mauler" Bolt Pistol Profile

Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Cost Avail
Pistol 30m


1d10+5X 4 6 Full Reliable, Tearing 2.7Kg 375 Very Rare

Inquisitor's Handbook content

Can only be found on Hive Worlds.