Spitfire Bolt Pistol

Volg "Spitfire" Bolt Pistol.

Little more than a crudely modified Lucifer pattern launcher(a handgun-like device common on frontier worlds for firing signal flares, tow lines and the like), the Spitfire was an innovation that, according to popular myth, was devised by an outcast Magnavar tech-adept named Verey. The story has it that while she was exiled in Volg, she made the first Spitfires to help combat a swarming of giant Maw-flukes. The weapon proved both effective and popular, and the more talented of Volg’s arms dealers have been turning them out ever since. The Spitfire’s fame and construction has spread and some are even sold at inflated prices as real “bolt pistols” to those too provincial or naive to know better!

Spitfires use modified rocket-propelled distress flares fitted with a crude impact detonators in a pale imitation of a bolt shell, but are nevertheless still quite deadly. Spitfire rounds will ignite flammable materials and on Critical Hits their targets must Test Agility or be set on fire in addition
to any other effect. Spitfire shells are also far from stable and any Jam result automatically incurs an Explosive Mishap (Damage is directed at the firer, who must Test Agility or be set on fire). Likewise if Spitfire ammunition is hit by an explosion or flame weapon, it may detonate (65% chance) dealing 1d10+3 points of Damage to the user. Spitfire shells are themselves Scarce with a base cost of 5 Thrones per reload.

Spitfire Bolt Pistol Profile

Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Cost Avail
Pistol 20m S/-/- 1d10+3X 0 3 Full Unreliable, Tearing 3Kg 75 Rare

Inquisitor's Handbook content

Can only be found on Hive Worlds.