Blind Grenade

Photon Flash Grenade.

Photon Flash Grenades denotate like a small star, blinding anyone nearbye and bright enough to overload cheap or primitive vision protection systems. Anyone within 15 metres of a Photo Flash Grenage when it detonates must succees on a Toughness Tesr or be blinded for 1D5 Rounds.

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Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt Cost Avail
Thrown SBX3 Special 0 Nothing 0.5kg 60 Scarce

Blind: Blind characters are bereft of vision and consequently they have a much harder time survining. Blind characters will always faill ballistic tests and have a -30 to weaponskill dodge and parry tests, blind characters move at half their speed as they must feel around their environment, moving any faster and they treat all terrain as difficult(-10) agility test or fall to the ground at the end of their movement.