A Revolutionary with a Lascarbine.


Revolutionaries are always trying to take down the Magistrate whom they view as oppressive, there is some truth to that though, people disappear in the middle of the night not even guilty of a crime.

Political enemies gunned down in the streets.

Revolutionary Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
26 38 31 25 31 37 26 32 37

Other Revolutionary Profile

Wounds: 11

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Skills: Awareness (Per), Barter (Fel), Blather (Fel), Carouse (T) 10+, Common Lore (Imperium), (Int), Deceive (Fel) 10+, Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)

Talents: Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP)

Armour: Flak Jacket(Arms and body 3)

Weapons: Compact Autopistol with Manstopper rounds, Mono-Knife(Knife)

Gear: Stylish clothing, 2 Autopistol Manstopper mags, 1D10 thrones

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